Kirsty Exner Physiotherapy areas of practice include manual therapy (including soft tissue massage and myofascial release), acupuncture and sports/functional conditioning.

Her areas of interest and experience include sports injuries and orthopaedics, postural alignment/correction and post operative rehabilitation. For others who want an edge on sport performance, Kirsty Exner Physiotherapy has a strong background in sports and fitness training.


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Have a Nap
Recent research on napping suggests that an afternoon nap as short as 10 minutes or as long as 90 minutes can enhance alertness, mood, memory and mental performance. 
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Hot & Cold
When it comes to pain management and relief, two traditional modalities have proved effective for generations: using ice packs and applying heat.
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Top Six Ski Exercises
Top Six Ski Exercises to get you ripping into this season! Exercices include Balance, Agility and Anticipation, Power and Endurance, Core Strength, Anaerobic Cardio and Eccentric Loading.
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"I trust Kirsty with my life. If she says I can do it, I know I can. I am amazed at the things I can do that I never thought I could when I am with her. She has a gentle strength that instills confidence in everyone she coaches."

Liz, age 38
bike camp participant

"Kirsty knows how to encourage me to push my limits but at the same time recognizes my limitations and abilities. I feel much stronger, more confident, have more energy and sleep better than I have in years!"

May, age 54
personal training client

"The camp was well organized, efficient and most of all, fun! I learned a great deal and pushed my skiing to new heights (literally). Kirsty instills confidence and is clearly passionate about skiing, as are all of the coaches."

Sue, age 35
ski camp participant

"The boot camp was tough going at first but we all persevered and the results were amazing. We were a mixed bag of women ranging from 24 to 59 but we all came together with our individual strengths and weaknesses. Kirsty is an excellent motivator who always gave us positive feedback and encouragement."

Sheila, age 58
personal training client